Crossover Classes (BEGINNERS membership)

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BEGINNERS ONLY!   Our CROSSOVER Classes are designed to bridge the gap between our beginners “101” class and regular classes.  Athletes can continue to grow and learn after their initial month in the beginners “101” classes.   This CROSSOVER membership gives you access to 3 days of classes:  Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm, then Saturday morning at 8 am.  

The CROSSOVER class structure will be the same format as a regular class.  Approx 10-15 minutes of warm-up/teaching; then approx 30-40 minutes of working out; finishing off with a cool down/mobility work in the time remaining.   There are no RX or RX+ workouts.  The basics of the workouts will be written, and the coach will help each athlete perform the movements at the skill level and speed they are comfortable with.  Scores and/or times are kept not a factor in this class.  Increasing your physical ability and knowledge are the key focus points.  The reason for this class is to take what you learned in the “101” class and increase the time/intensity level of your physical abilities as you get prepared to move into the regular CrossFit classes.

This class is just another option for you as you progress! If you feel you are ready for the regular classes, you are more than welcome to join those classes after your time in the beginners “101” classes

This membership is $85 for the Crossover classes only and $110 per month to use any/all of the beginners “101” and “Crossover” classes each week.  This gives you the option of coming in for a class every day of the week except Sunday.