New to CrossFit?  Our fundamentals “101” classes introduce you to CrossFit and shows you what we are looking for in each movement, but more importantly, how to scale all the movements down to your individual skill level, if needed!  Each class ends with a 10-minute workout using the movements you learned, in a CrossFit style workout so you can see what CrossFit workouts are all about.  SCROLL DOWN TO THE “101” TAB FOR DETAILS AND TO GET SIGNED UP!

If you can not make in the evenings to our “101” classes we also conduct a one on one personal training sessions that can be  scheduled with one of our coaches when you’re available. It will take 1 to 3 one hour sessions depending on your current level of fitness; then you will be able to join the regular CrossFit classes.

There are Two options for the one on one beginners classes:    Option 1:   For just the beginners course alone if you’re unsure about committing, cost is 50$ for the classes. Then if you like it you can join the gym at the regular gym prices. Option 2 is to join the gym as a member and it will be part of your first months membership, this option will save you the 50$ of taking the class then signing up for the gym.   Contact us to set up your first class!

Upon completion you will have a basic knowledge of almost all CrossFit movements; however, you will continue to learn and get better as all of our coaches will be helping you get through each class you attend.  The Coaching never stops, it just continues to help you achieve your fitness goals!